Claims Process

Wellfleet, our designated claims
department, is ready to assist you with
your claims.
See below how to submit
claims and check claim status online.

How to file a claim

Ask doctor to file a claim

Provide your insurance ID card to them, claim information is on your card.

Get insurance ID >
Get all claim documents

If your doctor does not file claims, get all required documents.

See required documents >
Complete the claim form

Fill out the claim form according to instructions on the form.

Get claim form >
Submit form & documents

File claim and required documents within 90 days.

Submit claims now >

Check claim status

Claims are normally processed within 10-20 business days. You will receive an Explanation of Benefits letter (EOB) from Wellfleet once the claim is processed.

Your claim status is available online.

Check status

Please note: Your insurance company may investigate your claim, require additional information,
and verify that eligibility requirement and other terms were met before paying claims.

Question about your claims?

Please contact Wellfleet

(855) 664-5837


Office hours
Monday to Thursday 8:30am – 7pm EST
Friday 8:30am – 5pm EST

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You can submit claims to ISO claims department – Wellfleet:


Get from your doctor all itemized bills and payment receipts.

The itemized bill must have the name of the doctor or clinic, date of services, diagnosis code, procedure code, provider tax ID and total charge of the services.