Our mission:

Provide international students the health insurance they need at the price they can afford!

About ISO Insurance

We strive to provide the best health insurance for international students. We research the insurance requirements of your school and offer you insurance plans that meet these requirements. At ISO we believe that you deserve affordable insurance that is complimented by the highest level of customer care.

ISO Student Health Insurance is:

  • The world largest international student insurance manager.
  • A market leader that provides the most suitable and affordable student insurance.
  • Established at 1958 and is managed by international students.

ISO’s top priority is customer care

We are proud of our excellent multi-lingual customer service team! Customer care helps build our reputation as valuable and accountable in the community. Providing international students with the best and most efficient customer service is therefore our primary goal. Our team is always standing by to assist with your questions whenever you need us.

We know international students

Since 1958, ISO prides itself on being a pioneer in serving international students with health insurance. As a long established student service provider, we have provided our services to the growing US international student community, including over:

  • 1,000,000 international students
  • 6,700 universities, colleges, and schools nationwide
  • 200 countries and territories of origin
  • $100 million in paid claims

We’ve got you covered

ISO offers a variety of adjustable insurance plans that meet your school requirements as well as government requirements. Our plans cover exactly what you need, anywhere in the USA, with our nationwide networks of doctors and hospitals. Finding a doctor in your area is very simple with online access and direct billing. ISO always provides the utmost support to have your waiver approved.

Our Customers

ISO serves international students, scholars and researchers from around the world who are coming to study in the USA under any type of visa, as long as they are involved in academic activities, and their dependents.

International students on F1 or another visa

Scholars & students on J1 visa

Students on OPT after graduation

High school students on any visa

University group plans

In addition to serving our international students, ISO also provides and manages student health insurance plans for universities and colleges throughout the United States. We have strong relationships with thousands of international student advisors and risk managers throughout the US, thanks to our reputation for responsiveness and dependability.

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