Your 2023 Holiday Savings Guide


Jonathan Perez | Nov 06, 2023 Student Life

This is an ongoing article and will be updated as the holiday season continues.

As the holidays approach, the time for gift giving comes close. This means that many will turn to annual deals for an opportunity to save money, as businesses look to make a final push during the year to increase their sales. Black Friday has bridged these two desires, offering people easy opportunities to get the stuff they (and others) need, while flooding the doors of popular retailers.

The following are some of many holiday deals you may be interested in, sorted by categories:


  • CNN has alerts on when certain major retailers will undergo sales, which you can see on their website.
  • Costco and Sam’s Club get a head start on their holiday season, sometimes advertising early Black Friday savings in October.
  • Target advertises a “deal of the day” - offering sales on certain items, on top of their current Black Friday deals.
  • Groupon offers higher discounted coupons for a wide range of services and experiences as a way for you to make gift buying easier.


  • Best Buy offers early Black Friday specials for members for electronics including TVs, computers, and even household appliances.
  • HP is providing sales up to 70% and free shipping for all items storewide, from laptops, printers, monitors, and other accessories.
  • The Microsoft store releases early sales of new laptops, tablets, and computer parts throughout all of November.

Beauty and Fashions:

  • Nordstrom runs a Fall sale on all their designer brands, which occurs right before their Black Friday promotions.
  • Adidas is putting many of their shoes, clothes, and accessories on sale for up to 65% before Black Friday sales even begin.
  • Ulta offers early Black Friday sales up to 40% for different body care products, beauty boxes, and styling accessories .

Lastly, here are some tips to consider before undergoing Black Friday shopping yourself:

  • Plan for crowds: For those planning to shop outside for the best possible deals, prepare to arrive to stores the night before they open, wait in lines for extended periods of time, and exercise safety when interacting with other shoppers, especially for the last item on a shelf.
    1. If you feel more comfortable spending your Black Friday indoors, there are always online sales to take advantage of. Websites like give you a full picture of your savings and even provides physical vouchers if you decide to go out.
  • Aside from discount websites, coupon apps and extensions can add savings you never knew existed while hidden in the background. Good examples of such programs are Honey, Dosh, and Rakuten.
  • Consider your timing: when creating your shopping list, think of what other people might try to buy as well. Brands or select products offering higher sales may have their inventory bought out before others, so learn to prioritize some items over others.
    1. Additionally, look for brands that rarely have sales during the year – you may get lucky during the holiday season!
  • Lastly, follow your favorite retailers on social media and look for any specific promotions that you would find useful!

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