Student Life


How to Open U.S Student Bank Account & Avoid Scams

ISO Customer Care | Nov 28, 2023 Student Life

As an international student, there are plenty of perks to opening a U.S. bank account. Find out how to do so and avoid scams here.


Top 7 Reasons International Students Should Study in the U.S.

Ed Zaleck | Nov 15, 2023 Student Life

If you’re looking to study abroad, you may get overwhelmed with the variety of options you can choose to study at. ISO's team breaks down the perks U.S. universities offer.


Toughest Things About U.S. Culture for International Students to Adapt to

ISO Customer Care | Nov 10, 2023 Student Life

Moving to the U.S. is a big change. Take a look at what customs international students find different or surprising after they start their new life abroad.


Your 2023 Holiday Savings Guide

Jonathan Perez | Nov 06, 2023 Student Life

This holiday season, get a head start on your shopping (and saving) when you see the deals highlighted within!


7 Scholarship Opportunities For International Students to Explore

ISO Customer Care | May 02, 2023 Student Life

Studying in the U.S. has its perks but the price for tuition can get a bit expensive, especially for international students. Here are 7 scholarship opportunities to explore.

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