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About ISO

Health insurance for international students, by international students.

Why ISO?

We know international students

Established in 1958 by international students, ISO is the world's largest insurance manager for international students. We pride ourselves on our best-in-class multilingual and dedicated customer service.

We've got you covered

ISO insurance plans cover exactly what you need, anywhere in the USA, with our nationwide networks of doctors and hospitals. Finding a doctor in your area is very simple with online access and direct billing.

Over a million students insured

Over the last 5 years, we are proud to have been the first choice for over one million international students, coming from more than 200 countries & territories. We paid over $100 million in claims during this period.

Plans that meet your needs

ISO plans are designed to meet your school’s requirements and your unique needs. So always provides the utmost support to have your waiver approved.

ISO Insurance – Dedicated to meeting your needs

International Student Insurance

We offer comprehensive and affordable health insurance plans with no deductible in network to international students attending high school. Available for students starting at age 12.

OPT Student Insurance

ISO continues to cover students after their graduation, with insurance plans designed for their special needs during their Optional Practical Training (OPT) period.

High School Insurance

We offer comprehensive and affordable health insurance plans with low deductibles to international students attending high school. No deductible in network.

J1 Visa Exchange Visitor Insurance

ISO provides dedicated insurance plans for scholars and exchange students on a J1 visa. Our plans are made to meet the requirements of the U.S. Department of State.

Special Offer: ISO Referral Program

ISO will pay you $10 every time you refer someone who makes a purchase. And since you can refer as many people as you like, there is NO LIMIT to how much you can earn!

We Insure Students fromOver 2,500 Schools

ISO maintains strong relationships with thousands of international student advisors throughout the United States. After more than 60 years of insuring international students, our reputation is second to none. We have insured students from over 2,500 universities, colleges, schools and alike. These students benefit from our customizable plan options, flexible enrollment, billing, and claims management.


Jacksonville State University


Stanford University


University of California Berkeley


University of California Los Angeles Extension


Sacred Heart University


Trinity College


Florida State University


University of Central Florida


University of South Florida


DePaul University


Campbellsville University


Murray State University


Louisiana State University


McNeese State University


Tulane University


North Carolina State University


Caldwell University


New York University


Pace University


University of Rochester


University of Central Oklahoma


Millersville University of Pennsylvania


Temple University


University of Pennsylvania


University of Pittsburgh


University of South Carolina Columbia


University of Virginia


Virginia Tech

What Do People Say About ISO?

Thank you for continuing to help our students with those 2 great ISO policies and still helping us with our mandates for effective dates.

Susanna, School advisor

University of South Florida, Tampa, FL

Thank you for your response and explanation! I never thought that going to hospital is super expensive here! Lucky that I have ISO student insurance. Stay safe and healthy!

Wimonrat S., Student

PI Art Center, New York, NY

Working in collaboration with ISO has been a great experience. Their customer service is quick and reliable. ISO and their team have made the overall process simple and seamless both, on the student side as well as the administrative one. Our student can now get access to a comprehensive coverage without breaking the bank.

Stephanie, International Student Coordinator

Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville, AL

I recently enrolled in a plan which my university did not accept... I called ISO and they quickly helped me to switch to a plan that is acceptable by my university. I am very satisfied with ISO insurance as it helped me save a lot of money... For us international students, each penny counts!

Gurjot K., Student

University of San Francisco, San Jose, CA

Very helpful and fast communication! I am beyond happy with this costumer care as it helped me waive the expensive university health insurance and I could count on them to help me and react quickly on every question or problem I had. Thank you again!

Jelle Roeline V., Student

University of CA Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, CA

Any Questions? We Are Here to Help

Additional FAQ

ISOA is the world largest international student insurance manager. We offer dedicated health insurance plans for F1 visa international students, J1 visa scholars and students, F1-OPT holders and F2/J2 dependents. As long as you are in the U.S. on a valid visa, ISO has a plan for you.

ISO stands for International Student Organization, the world's largest international student insurance manager. ISO has been offering affordable insurance plans since 1958 and will always be for international students, by international students.

ISO insurance plans are designed to meet the specific needs of your school's waiver requirements or visa status at an affordable rate. Guaranteed.

ISO insurance is by far the most popular insurance for international students. More than 1 million students, from over 2500 schools and 200+ countries and territories, have purchased insurance from ISO in recent years. Our reputation has been established due to our dedicated customer service team and affordable health insurance opportunities.

ISO insures many more international students than your college or university, every year. Therefore, we are able to offer more affordable rates to our clients. We will always offer comparable coverage to your school’s insurance, at a lower rate.

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