Choosing the right insurance plan
With medical expenses in the USA being the highest in the world, being insured is a must!
No one wants accidents to happen, but when it does, it’s crucial to have the right insurance plan that will provide the most coverage, especially when you are abroad! When studying abroad, there’s nothing more important than choosing the right insurance plan. Accidents happen each day, therefore, it is important to have a safety net to fall back, to avoid expensive medical bills. Recognizing the importance of insurance is the first step in becoming a more responsible individual. 
What should you consider when comparing insurance plans?
  • Maximum Benefits:
    Does the other plan cover as much as ISO plans?
  • Deductible per event:
    Do you pay a higher deductible with the competing plan?
  • Monthly Rates:
    What is the monthly rate charged by our competitor?
Important things to watch out for when shopping for insurance:
  1. Saving money by finding a cheaper alternative to your school’s plan!

    Shop around! If the premium for your school’s plan is causing you a financial burden, try to look for other plans that can be used to waive out your school’s plans. Look for your school’s waiver requirements, and find comparable plans that can be used as an alternative to the expensive school plan. Search our website for optional plans that are suitable for you!

  2. Check with your school’s International Student Office or Student Association

    ISO is widely known to 5700 universities, colleges and other academic institutes in the U.S. Your advisor is most probably familiar with ISO and its renown services. Many student associations in schools nationwide are partners with ISO. We are here to make insurance more accessible to all international students.

  3. Start by comparing maximum benefits, co-insurance and deductible

    Before purchasing a plan, it is important to look at all of the plan options, covered expenses and exclusions. Look over the policy brochure and make sure you know what each term means. For instance, start by comparing the maximum benefits, co-insurance and deductible. Please visit ISO Insurance Dictionary to understand key insurance terms.

  4. PPO and out-of-network services

    Please visit our PPO networks to find in-network doctors, hospitals and other medical service providers. If a doctor or hospital is not under the PPO network, they are considered as out-of-network providers. Please call and confirm with them before going for a visit in order to receive more coverage!

Avoid making these mistakes
  1. "I don't need medical insurance while studying in the USA."

    Did you know that an ordinary injury in the US, such as a broken hand, could cost anywhere from $3,000 to $25,000 (if surgery is needed)? At the same time, a minor operation might cost up to $17,000. Therefore, it is always good to be prepared for the unexpected and give yourself a safety net to fall on!

  2. If it costs more it's not necessarily worth more.

    Don't focus your attention on the monthly rates alone. Looking at monthly rates alone can deceive you from actual benefits. In many cases ISO can get you similar benefits for less money. For example, when choosing between two plans, compare the maximum benefits, calculate how much money you are responsible and decide how much coverage you think you will need. Also, consider how much deductible or co-pay is required from your plan. Therefore, when you are paying a lower monthly premium, you are liable to pay more out of your pocket.

  3. Never overlook high deductibles and co-insurance payments.

    Most medical insurance plans require you to pay a portion of your medical bills when you submit a claim. Please see below for descriptions of out-of-pocket expenses you should expect.

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